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4-engine SPA bed that adjust the height, the backrest, the footrest and the whole bed inclination. PU upholstery with high quality and comfort padding. 3-section single-block mattress. Adjustable armrests and headrest with breath hole.

Product Extensions / Family Series

1.Vertical lifting with dual columns, high stability.

2.Trendelenburg's position, the bed can tilt to ±10°, suitable for therapy.

3.Fluffy leather optional, high comfort level, make user relaxed. No stitch on leather, easy to clean, less risk of dirt or liquid permeating into the leather. Suitable in Spa field.

4.One-key reset button makes the bed to the original position after treatment, convenient for user to get off bed.

5.Footrest can be adjusted to near 0 gravity, high comfort level.

6.With LED light, relax user and bring them a comfort mood.