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This unique specialty table takes your treatment offerings to a new level! 2268SV bring a new idea of wellness. It offers a heated water mattress made up of 3 separate cushions to ensure optimal water distribution. Water has a super affinity, completely absorb the natural curvature of the human body, maintain the smooth flow of blood vessels and microcirculation, so that nerves and muscles and other tissues are completely relaxed. It is extremely comfortable for the guest and stable for the operator, who can perform all types of massages, including the most vigorous ones.

Product Extensions / Family Series
Creates a new experience for clients who are in a relaxed supine position on a heated treatment table that is fully adjustable in height.

1. Lying surface with 3 sections of water bags.

2. Heating system for lying surface, 3 levels of temperatures for adjustment.

3. Electric adjustable and tiltable lying surface and lifting.

4. Built-in vibroacoustic therapy system, effective anti-stress experience.

5. With LEDs lighting that allow to create a nice ambiance.