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Modern light luxury log style, using a kind of wood with great vitality, combined with soft and breathable latex sponge + fluffy cotton + high-grade leather system. Create a pure sense of space, heal your mood, and help you find the long-lost comfort, tranquility, and relaxation. It is a valuable magic weapon for high-end spas, hotels, and resorts to give customers the ultimate spa experience.

Product Extensions / Family Series

1. Consists of a sturdy oval lifting system with elegant double column lift.

2. Integrated fluffy padding with super comfort, which is easy to clean, and reduces the dirty and liquids that Infiltrate into the mattress.Ideal for SPA and Wellness.

3. Cabinets are provided at the bottom for easy storage.

4. One-key reset function to restore the initial state and let the customer get off the bed quickly after treatment.

5. Footrest angle can be adjusted to nearly to Zero Gravity sitting posture, and to be more comfortable. footrest adjustable up to 25°.

6. With adjustable armrests and a headrest with ventilation holes, the user has maximum comfort in a prone position.

7. Comes with LED brightness lights, to create a relaxing emotional setting.

8. Optional heating function to keep customers warm in cold weather.