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In the post-industrial era of anxiety and tension, we should also learn to relax and calm down our bodies and minds. The industrial style design of 2264 reflects the designer's long-cherished wish to find a balance between fast pace and slow breathing. A hard shell of steel and aluminum combined with a soft cotton mattress is perfect for massages, day spas and vacations.

Product Extensions / Family Series

1. Industrial style design with strong steel frame and aluminum housing. The lines are clear and comfortable, while extending the life of the product.

2. 4 motors, Double column lifting, high stability. Heights range from 670mm to 870mm.

3. The bed can be tilted ±10°, suitable for physiotherapy. The back can reach 60°, footrest up to 25°. Adjustable to a prone position close to zero gravity for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

4. Fluffy cotton and latex bed, high comfort, let users relax. One-piece leather surface, the leather is seamless and easy to clean. There is less risk of dirt or liquids penetrating the leather.

5. With adjustable armrests and a headrest with ventilation holes, the user has maximum comfort in prone position.

6. The one-key reset button makes the bed drop to the lowest position after treatment, which is convenient for users to get out of bed.

7. Comes with LED brightness lights,  6 colors, 14 modes to choose from. Create a comfortable atmosphere, let users relax and bring a comfortable mood.

8. The heating function is optional to warm the customers in the cold winter.