The product pictures and screen contents in the above pages are only for illustration. There may be slight differences in the product effect (including but not limited to appearance, color, size) and screen display content (including but not limited to background, UI and matching pictures). Please refer to the real product.

The data in the above pages are theoretical values, which are obtained from the internal laboratory of silver fox under specific test environment (please refer to the specific instructions). The actual use may be slightly different due to individual product differences, use conditions and environmental factors. Please refer to the actual use.

Due to the real-time change of product batch and production and supply factors, in order to provide accurate product information, specification parameters and product characteristics as much as possible, silver fox may adjust and revise the text description, picture effect and other contents in the above pages in real time, so as to match with the actual product performance, specifications and other information.

If it is necessary to carry out the above-mentioned modification and adjustment, no special notice will be given.

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